Merry Christmas from Primary 1

Our Primary 1 children would like to wish all our International friends around the world a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
To do this they have recorded several of the Nativity songs they sang at their Christmas Assembly. We hope you enjoy listening to them.

Knock, knock ( Mary and Joseph)

Knock, knock, knock at the door
Knock, knock, is anyone there?
Knock, knock, knock at the door,
We need a place to stay. (Repeat)

Three rooms left,
All the other rooms are full.
Three rooms left,
Sorry that is all!(Repeat)

Two rooms left,
All the other rooms are full
Two rooms left,
Sorry that is all!

One room left,
All the other rooms are full
One room left
Sorry that is all!

No rooms left,
There's no rooms for you at all.
No rooms left
We're completely full!

We also sang another song called Hallelujah .
We hope you like it too.



Little town of Bethlehem
Watch the starry sky.
You will see amazing things
On this special night.

Tonight, tonight,
Wonderful things will happen.
Tonight, tonight,
Wonderful things you'll see.

Little town of Bethlehem
Hear the joyful news.
God has planned a great event,
he has chosen you.

The Innkeeper's Song

The Innkeeper

My life is getting very very busy.
My house is very,very full.
We've all been getting in a 'tizzy',
We've not got any room at all.

Everywhere around me
Visitors surround me,
Happy to have found a place to stay.
All the girls and boys are
Making such a noise
They're getting in my way! ( Hey!)

Woodhill Made IT Happen

Woodhill Primary Wins Technology Challenge

We are delighted not only to have won the Scottish award for the prestigious UK- wide technology competition" Make IT Happen", but also won first prize for the United Kingdom.
The competion recognises primary school technology projects led by nine - eleven year olds which are helping the school or local community.
We at Woodhill wanted to integrate technology across the curriculum and use it to establish links with other schools in Scotland and abroad.
We encouraged students to develop podcasts and blogs which could be used as learning materials.
Material was created to support French and English lessons as well as wider issues such as health and globalisation. Parents were given information about the blogs and encouraged to view the information online.
This was also shared with partner schools in Scotland , England, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and China.
We were invited to London in October to receive our £3500 prize from the Speaker of the House of Commons at a special awards ceremony with MPs in Westminster.

Do click on our movie above to see what an exciting day we had in London.


Tourism in Scotland by Primary 6

We were doing a project about Scotland and we explored tourism in Scotland.
These are some posters we made to encourage tourists to visit Scotland.
Would these make you want to visit our beautiful country?

Primary Seven's Assembly by Caitlin (P5)

Today was our Primary Seven's last assembly. We are really sad to see them go. They talked about their week in Paris and made a power point presentation about their trip! Here are two of the songs that they sang at their assembly. We really liked them, we hope you do too!

(Positive) Attitude, positive attitude.

Attitude, positive attitude.

What helped Columbus cross the sea?
What helped Ford build the Model T?
What helped Beethoven write a tune?
What helped Armstrong walk on the moon?

When you know something that has to be done,
You've gotta go out and do it.
And when you have a positive attitude,
You'll find there's nothing to it.

What helped the Wright Brother's fly their plane?
What helped Gene Kelly sing in the rain?
What helped Doctor King have a dream?
What helped inspire ev'ry winning team?

When you know something that has to be done,
You've gotta go out and do it.
And when you have a positive attitude,
You'll find there's nothing to it.

Attitude, positive attitude.
Attitude, positive attitude.

Song 2
We are the future.
We are the now.

People always say, " The children are our future;
The leaders of tomorrow, not today."
But we can make a difference in the here and now
If you listen close to what we have to say.

We are the future.
We are the now.
We are the reason why.
We are the way how.
We have dreams to dream and lives to live.
We have love to share and love to give.
We can do whatever this world will allow.
We are the future.
We are the now.

Children of the world,
we all must work together.
There's no time to hesitate.
Together we can make this world
a brighter place.
We must start right now.
Tomorrow is too late.
(To Chorus)

We are people just like you,
With important things to do.
We don't want to sit and watch the time go by.
We feel sunshine; we feel rain.
We feel happiness and pain.
We can feel success if we're allowed to try.
(To Chorus)

We hope you enjoyed Primary Seven's songs.
We are now looking foward to our summer holidays and we in Woodhill hope that you, all our friends around the world , enjoy your holidays too.



Sponsored Run

Becky Templeton, P5, completed a sponsored run round Hogganfield Loch.
She raised £124.40 for Marie Curie. Well done Becky.


Visit to Italy

In March 2007 Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Brown and Miss Young went to Italy as part of a Comenius visit. They met with Comenius partners from Italy, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Everyone had a fantastic trip and spent time visiting Italian schools, meeting pupils and staff, sightseeing in Rome, Assisi and Perugia and taking part in some local traditions such as cheese throwing!

Here are a few photographs from our trip.

Our Comenius Partners

Visiting Italian Partner Schools

Local Traditions - Cheese Throwing and Italian Dancing

You can view more photographs by clicking on the link to the Italian blog in the right hand column of this webpage.

Citizenship Poem

Here is a poem written by the children in Italy. It was read to the teachers who visited during the Comenius trip in March 2007.

In English
We are Italian and you are Czech
We are Italian and you are Austrian
We are Italian and you are Scottish
We are Italian and you are German
But we are
We are European and you are African
We are European and you are Asian
We are European and you are Australian
But we are all CITIZENS
of the same WORLD

In Italian
Noi siamo Italiani e voi siete Cechi
Noi siamo Italiani e voi siete Austriaci
Noi siamo Italiani e voi siete Scozzesi
Noi siamo Italiani e voi siete Tedeschi
noi siamo
Noi siamo Europei e voi siete Africani
Noi siamo Europei e voi siete Asiatici
Noi siamo Europei e voi siete Australiani
Noi siamo Europei e voi siete Americani
noi siamo tutti
Dello stesso


I Am Special by Primary 1

Primary One talked about how they were special. Listen to some of the children saying why they are special.







Look After Our Earth

Primary 5 have been learning a song about how pollution has damaged our Earth.
Please look after our World.

Listen to our song.

The captain of the rocket ship said, "Come over here
I’ve got a little job for you there’s nothing to fear.
I want you out in space, please do it for me,
And come back in and tell me what you see, what you see, what you see, what you see".

I started to put on my suit, I pulled up the zip
To tell the truth I didn’t want to jump from that ship.
I swung a cylinder of air behind like a sack
I jumped out into outer space without looking back, looking back, looking back.

The first thing there below me was my own spinning world,
Surrounded by polluted smoke that billowed and curled.
And I could see the blackened place where the forests had been.
I cried out, "This is dreadful! Tell me what does it mean, does it mean, does it mean".

The captain of rocket said, “for what it is worth,
I think you may have learnt a lot concerning your Earth.
You simply can’t go on this way just year after year.
Now let’s go back and shout our message out loud and clear, loud and clear, loud and clear".
Hey wake up!

Raising Money for Childline

We ran the Forth & Clyde Canal on the 3rd of February 2007 to raise money for the charity Childline. We ran from Kirkintilloch to the Leisuredrome in Bishopbriggs. We raised £147 and it was fantastic that we raised this amount of money.

by Harry and Jordan

Show Racism the Red Card Art Competition

Woodhill took place in the 'Show Racism The Red Card' competition. These are the winning art entries from our school which went forward to the national competition.

Well done Jennifer, P7 and Martha, P4.

Here are some of the runners up.

Park Safely Please

Primary 5 took part in a competition to encourage people to park safely in our school.
Look at our designs.


Stamp out Racism by Sarah Harper

Racism is not big,
Racism is not cool,
Racism is a bad thing.
Over the World it just keeps happening.
Stamp it out.
Say NO to racism.

Racism does not rock,
Racism does not rule.
Cross it off your list.
In with kindness, out with racism.
Stamp all over racism,
Make it run away.

Listen to my poem.


Racism by Leigh

I may be black,
I may be white,
But why dont you like me?
I dont bite.
So why oh why?
What did I do?
I just want to play with you.
But now I know why,
It's because I am black,
And you are white.
But what is the difference?

Listen to my poem.

Racism Is Not Cool by Craig Atkinson

Racism is not cool
It happens every day
Sometimes I sit and wonder
Why can't we all just play?

Listen to my poem.