Dragon League Chess Competition Final

On Sunday the 3rd of March at the chess competition, we came home with two gold medals and a bronze. We won two glass trophies and a MASSIVE big cup for winning the 5th League Gold. Well done to Woodhill C team! I think the best part was that the A team never lost a match, but there were many other good players from Holy Family, St Helens and many more. It was held in Milngavie Town Hall. The hall was great, so big! We went outside to play. We played tig and had fun. A great way to spend your Sunday, amazing! Anyway if you are ever offered a chance to go to a competition I would recommend it.

By Andrew


I Swam for Cancer Research

On the17th of April I raised £105 for cancer cure and swam 10 lengths . My two aunties swam 62 lengths, my mum swam 56 and my friend swam 10 lengths .