Merry Christmas from Primary 1

Our Primary 1 children would like to wish all our International friends around the world a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
To do this they have recorded several of the Nativity songs they sang at their Christmas Assembly. We hope you enjoy listening to them.

Knock, knock ( Mary and Joseph)

Knock, knock, knock at the door
Knock, knock, is anyone there?
Knock, knock, knock at the door,
We need a place to stay. (Repeat)

Three rooms left,
All the other rooms are full.
Three rooms left,
Sorry that is all!(Repeat)

Two rooms left,
All the other rooms are full
Two rooms left,
Sorry that is all!

One room left,
All the other rooms are full
One room left
Sorry that is all!

No rooms left,
There's no rooms for you at all.
No rooms left
We're completely full!

We also sang another song called Hallelujah .
We hope you like it too.



Little town of Bethlehem
Watch the starry sky.
You will see amazing things
On this special night.

Tonight, tonight,
Wonderful things will happen.
Tonight, tonight,
Wonderful things you'll see.

Little town of Bethlehem
Hear the joyful news.
God has planned a great event,
he has chosen you.

The Innkeeper's Song

The Innkeeper

My life is getting very very busy.
My house is very,very full.
We've all been getting in a 'tizzy',
We've not got any room at all.

Everywhere around me
Visitors surround me,
Happy to have found a place to stay.
All the girls and boys are
Making such a noise
They're getting in my way! ( Hey!)

Woodhill Made IT Happen

Woodhill Primary Wins Technology Challenge

We are delighted not only to have won the Scottish award for the prestigious UK- wide technology competition" Make IT Happen", but also won first prize for the United Kingdom.
The competion recognises primary school technology projects led by nine - eleven year olds which are helping the school or local community.
We at Woodhill wanted to integrate technology across the curriculum and use it to establish links with other schools in Scotland and abroad.
We encouraged students to develop podcasts and blogs which could be used as learning materials.
Material was created to support French and English lessons as well as wider issues such as health and globalisation. Parents were given information about the blogs and encouraged to view the information online.
This was also shared with partner schools in Scotland , England, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and China.
We were invited to London in October to receive our £3500 prize from the Speaker of the House of Commons at a special awards ceremony with MPs in Westminster.

Do click on our movie above to see what an exciting day we had in London.